A young Welshman Stuart Parsons is the latest jackpot scratchcard winner after he placed £4 on the Million Blue Scratch ticket. While people win jackpots daily on their scratchies, what makes this jackpot winner unique is the fact that he had premonitions for months about seeing the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4.

He told reporters that the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 have been appearing to him in many daily situations like the mileage on his car and even registration documents.

In light of these strange premonitions Stuart Parsons decided to buy four scratchcards while on his way to his girlfriend at the shops.
Upon entering the shops Parsons in keeping with his premonitions of the numbers 1-4 proceeded to buy one scratchcard from each of the dispensers on the counter. To his amazement it was the ticket from the first dispenser that gave him a £100,000 jackpot Prize.

A shocked Parsons could not believe his luck and stated that it took quite some time to convince his friends and family that he had indeed won the scratchcard jackpot.

He was quoted as saying,” When I revealed the winning prize I was in absolute shock. I went to a friend’s house and they wouldn’t believe me. Even my girlfriend couldn’t believe the news – even when I showed her the card.”
Parsons is keeping a cool head and intends to invest most of his winnings. He stated he intends buying his girlfriend a Mini Cooper as well as a TV for himself.

Parsons is just one of many who have felt the thrill of winning instant life changing jackpots while playing scratch cards.