Britain’s scratchcards marketplace has long enjoyed the reputation of being a recreational and leisurely pursuit enjoyed by millions. Many scratch cards players prefer this gentle format as an entrance to the online gambling industry.

The simple “scratch card” is one of the least intimidating and welcoming ways of wagering a few pennies and winning huge instant cash prizes.

The Daily Mail features an in depth interview with one of Britain’s most powerful gambling figures, Peter Brooks. Brooks is Executive Deputy Chairman of Genting UK which is part of the international Malaysian conglomerate Genting which has a wide range of over 44 casinos in Britain, racecourses, cruise ships and other holdings in their portfolio.

Brooks who is the top dog at Genting UK is responsible for trying to change the UK gambling market from what once was considered a male dominated and intimidating industry.

A unique trait of scratch cards is the simple fact that whether you are old, young, male or female, there is a scratch card specifically designed for you. For the gents there is an auto racing based scratch card called Road Racing. For the Ladies there is Ladies Shopping  which takes you on a shopping spree while scratching and winning.

In fact Brooks’s statement does not really hold true with respects to Online Scratchcards since statistically more Females play online scratchies than do males.

The main challenge is to cater for modern day gamblers who are looking for softer forms of gambling where the social mingling and enjoyment is integral to the overall online gambling experience.

It is no coincidence that Brooks was talking from the Palm Beach casino off Piccadilly in London. This is a prime example of how Books envisages the future of gambling. The outside of the casino looks like a luxurious hotel and has an up market bar feel, People are sitting around enjoying a cappuccinos or cocktail .The real difference can be seen when one goes to the back of the casino lounge. There you are greeted with traditional slots machines , roulette wheels and casino games.

Scratch cards are just the leisure entertainment you want at the end of a hard day’s work. What could be better than playing a scratchcard that takes you to a quiet cocktail bar where relaxing is as easy as playing the Champagne scratchies.

The atmosphere is inviting and appeals to all the leisure seeking public. Brooks believes that this modern approach is the way forwards to advance gambling in the UK, “We don’t want it to be intimidating and male dominated, we want to be seen as a genuine leisure choice. This is where casinos should be in the 21st Century,” he says.

Brooks stated that the aim of gambling was to create jobs, increase taxes and attract tourists from all over the globe.

In these times of unemployment issue, the scratchcard still remains the most affordable and lucrative way to win instant cash prizes. With Scratchies starting as low as 10p , scratchcards are still a viable option even in these trying economic times,

Casinos should be part of social venues where gambling is simply an area where people can migrate between drinks and food. Brooks also said  “We have to demystify casinos, but we mustn’t create a rowdy environment where people don’t want to gamble. So here people can just drink, or migrate to the gambling area. We hope we’re getting the model right.”

Social gambling has become synonymous with online scratch cards. Millions of scratchcard devotees are part of a global social movement who share the love of the scratchies  winning and simple format.

Brooks is pushing for UK companies to be permitted to move existing licenses between regions. He firmly believes that should the government allow casino to be built where there is local demand, this could provide thousands of much need jobs.

The issue of gambling taxation was also raised by Brooks. Currently The UK government’s gaming duty rate is 50% which is making it difficult for UK casinos to attract international gamblers who have the option of playing in other international gambling Mecca’s such as Macau and Singapore.

The Eastern countries as we have reported before are leading the way in the gambling world where Macau is a strong leader.

Many countries in the East where gambling is booming enjoy much lighter tax burdens than the UK, which make it easier for them to attract high-rollers to their casinos. Brooks pointed out that it is imperative for the tax issue to be addressed in order for Britain to maintain and increase its global appeal as a preferred gambling destination.

There is no doubt that the scratch cards marketplace is adapting and appealing to millions as an engaging and gentle entrance ticket to the money-spinning gambling world.