One of the largest British bookmakers Ladbrokes reported on some excellent annual results which have prompted them to look to expand. As anyone in the gambling industry knows the next frontier is that of social networks teaming up with real money gambling which has already started in the U.K. Partnerships like that of Big Fish and with their ground breaking entry onto Facebook with Bingo Friendzy last August has opened the flood gates.

Chief executive Richard Glyn told the Daily Mail in no uncertain terms of their desire to start offering real money gambling on Facebook, “Social media is here to stay. There are issues around regulation that need to be looked at very, very carefully, and we take our responsibilities very seriously in this. But it’s a phenomenal application. It’s an area we have to get into – although we haven’t crossed the Rubicon yet.”

Ladbrokes have has some excellent results of late which include a 7.4% over the year rise of revenues reaching £1.05 billion. Their annual pre-tax profits rose by an impressive 49% to reach £200.7 million.

Slot machines were a great revenue generator for Ladbrokes which helped them produce double digit growth. They have plans to expand their betting shops by over 100 in the coming year.

Another major area of growth which is considered vital for any online gambling company to thrive is that of mobile. Here again Ladbrokes have delivered the goods with a 96% increase reported in mobile revenues from the previous year. Their mobile platform is set to be up and running within a couple of months.

With their social network ambitions and mobile platform Ladbrokes are certainly focusing on key growth areas where experts believe will prove to be the maker or breaker of gambling sites.