As we have reported the hottest trend to follow in the mobile technology sector is that of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.  Tablet devices are becoming one of the most popular methods for scratch cards players to power their mobile scratchgames experience.

Most of us are tired of being tied down to a desk or office in order to scratch and win. The ability to take our million pound online scratchies with us constantly and play them at our leisure is the ultimate luxury. Never before have scratch cards players been so spoilt for choice in their devices that run all their favorite games.

In a report released by comScore, the leading technology research firm, it was found that Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet that was launched in 2011 has become the number one tablet in the Android market.

The success of Amazon’s Kindle Fire is remarkable and shows that Kindle has managed to double its market share in the last two months from 29.4% in December 2011 to a sizable increase of 54.4%share in February 2012. These impressive figures put Amazon’s Kindle Fire in the enviable position of being the Android Tablet Leader. Samsung follows way behind with its Galaxy Tab that has a market share of only 15.4% as of February 2012.

The ability to always have our scratchgames on our tablet devices makes them the ideal platform to take scratch cards gaming into the future. The timeless “scratch card” has proved itself as the most versatile form of online gambling.

The other Tablets in the market according to percentage share were the Motorolo Xoom with 7%,Toshiba AT100 and Asus Transformer at about 6.3%.

Another interesting finding of the report was that relationship between the size of the tablet screen and the level of consumption. It was found that tablets with a 10 inch screen had a 39% higher consumption rate than that of smaller screens tablets like Amazon’s Kindle Fire 7 inch tablet. Even more interesting is that the 10 inch tablet screens like that of the iPad were over 58% more likely to be used than those 5 inch tablets.

Besides scratch cards there are few online games that provide winning entertainment that caters for anyone from sports fans to food lovers. Playing scratchgames on a Mobile tablet like the kindle just makes it just that much more entertaining.