Online Casino Gambling generates billions of dollars worldwide. Whether it is in the form of online scratch cards or sports betting the numbers involved are mind boggling.

We as online scratch card players believe that online gambling needs to be fair and above reproach. As the following story testifies, we need to make sure that our favorites sports are not unfairly influenced by outside gambling forces who try to change match results and spoil the thrill of true sportsmanship.

The ongoing betting scandal in the Italian Football League has caused some to label Italian Football as a joke. The latest interrogation of Luigi Sartor just added to the betting saga. The new revelations have just confirmed the scale and gravity of the betting scandals.

The latest to “confess” are Cristiano Dini, Filippo Carobbio and Carlo Gervasoni. All in all at the moment there are no less than seven clubs under investigation from Serie A-Chievo,,Genoa, Lazio, Lecce, Novara, Palermo and Siena. There are also five clubs from Series B and it seems that this is not the end.

Prominent players that are also supposedly involved are Lazio’s Stefano Mauri, Nicola Ventola and Chievo Captain Sergio Pellissier.

To understand the scale of the betting scandal you just need to take the example of Gigi Buffon, one of the 2006 World Cup Winners. He is alleged to spend up to €200,000 a month on his gambling habit.

The alleged mastermind in Italy acting for the criminal organization in Italy is a 32 year-old Bosnian –born Turkish citizen Almir Gegic. According to reports he was playing for Chiasso in Switzerland and took advantage of the fact that many Italian Players are currently playing for some of the leading Swiss clubs.

The sorry state of Italian Football is inevitably been linked to the days of Berlusconi which were filled with daily scandals .It is hard to fathom but at the moment there are 95 different variations of bets one can take on a single match. No surprise that this is impossible to control.

The Television shows and programs try and give the impression of business as usual but more and more resemble the orchestra that continued to play as the Titanic went down.

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