The other day I was on a lunch break at work and what struck me was the amount of co-workers using portable devices like tablets and smartphones to do just about everything online. Tablets seem to be getting smaller and better and with the fierce competition between manufacturers like Apple and Google with their Nexus have made prices of these devices affordable to all. Another interesting trend is the introduction of smaller tables like the recently released 7.9 inch iPad mini which is aimed at competing with the Google’s Nexus tablet.

CEO of Apple Tim Cook recently announced that they have sold their 100 millionth iPad device which makes Apple the leading tablet globally. The ability to carry a portable tablet which weighs 300 grams and has a battery life of 10 hours is what makes tablets the hottest market in mobile gaming.

Sectors like soft online gambling are being adapted to take advantage of this growing trend of tablet usage. I like many others now have the chance to have a flutter during a lunch break, train ride or while waiting in the doctor’s rooms.

Gambling operators like Probability PLC are solely dedicated to improving online gambling options for tablets and smartphones. Many believe that the future of online gambling will eventually be focused primarily on the mobile sector. The notion is simple in that why would you continue to gamble with a PC while you have the ability to walk around with a portable casino in your pocket.

High end tablets and mean that the ability to play a mobile scratchies or slots game is literally as easy as pushing a button. No need to be tied down as you now have the choice to literally play and win at any given time.

The growing popularity of portable devices cannot be ignored. There is no doubting that with such devices like the new iPad Mini, more and more of us will continue to opt for the mobile gaming and casino options.