Mobile online scratch cards have never looked better and brighter thanks largely to mobile devices manufacturers like Apple. The latest iPad 3 is set to increase the usage of tablet devices for all our favorite scratch cards site apps. With the latest technology in display graphics all our scratchies are set to come to life.

Mobility is key to all of us in these fast paced times. When time is money, all you want is for your online scratchgames at the touch of a button. Whether it be at work on a break or on the tube on your way to work, the ability to engage in lucrative scratch cards jackpots is essential.

Just hours after Apple’s much anticipated launch of the iPad 3 there is even more for Apple to look forward to in the coming year. According to a report from IHS-iSuppli and a research note from Deutsche Bank, Apple is set not only to maintain but increase their Tablet market share.

There seems to be no stopping the world’s leading technology brand as Apple is set to grab more than 60% of the Tablet market according to iSuppli. According to iSuppli’s analyst Rhoda Alexander, the report findings included is set to maintain a 61% market share for 2012 which is an increase from the 57% in the fourth quarter in 2011.

There is no doubting the trend for future online scratchcards is the mobile device market. Key factors for scratchgames players is accessibility and portability. We all want to control when and where we decide to have a flutter .The fact that scratchcards are available from the privacy and comfort of our own homes makes them a logical choice for many.

The most interesting statistic is without doubt the forecast for total Tablet shipments for 2012. Here Apple is estimated to reach a staggering 124 million iPads for 2012 which is a mind blowing 90% increase from the 65 million in 2011.

In terms of pricing iSuppli reported that the success of Amazon’s Kindle Fir Tablet affected other android based tablets. In spite of this Apple still retained over 74% of the tablet market in revenue share for the fourth quarter in 2011 even though its unit shares declined to 57% which was down from their third quartet  64%.

Mobile scratch cards apps have enabled millions of scratchgamesenthusiasts to enjoy the fun and excitement of winning instant cash jackpots. Smartphones and Tablet devices are growing by the day in popularity and are providing scratch card gamers winning opportunities which were previously unavailable.

The findings of Deutsche Bank’s analyst Christ Whitmore also bode well for Apple. He believes that Android and Windows will have a tough time of even coming close to competing with Apple’s iPad,” We believe competitors (Android and Windows) will have trouble matching the price-performance specs of the current iPad product lineup and [Apple] should continue to dominate the category…Win8 receiving mixed reviews and…Android in disarray.”

Whitmore further pointed out that the iPad is set to become a leader in its filed due  the huge draw factor from developers,” The retina display (2048×1536) with 44% greater color saturation combined with the quad-core graphics processor produces a tablet experience that is simply unmatched.” A side-by-side comparison with the iPad 2 highlights the new iPad’s performance advantages.”

The real possibility of the U.S. online scratch card market opening up is music to Apple’s ears as millions of iPads are set to go flying out the windows and into eager scratchcards player’s hands.

Major scratchgames sites like Hopa and Karamba have the developed the latest mobile scratchcards sites which mange to capture and deliver you favorite games directly to your Tablet devices such as the new iPad3..

The modern scratch card player has come to expect a smooth and easily accessible way of scratching and winning. There is no doubt that the iPad and other portable mobile devices are succeeding in taking scratchcards to the cutting edge of technology