Online gambling is on the rise throughout the world and Europe in particular is experiencing growth. With Spain recently legalizing intent gambling, many European countries like Belgium are a good example of how internet gambling is on the rise.

Many internet casinos are aware of the potential for non-traditional online games like online scratch cards to not only widen their casino offerings but also attract the massive scratchcard market who enjoy millions of global admirers.

Casino Austria recently launched their online casino on the website after receiving a license to operate. It seems that the need to offer various online gaming options is essential in order to attract a wider online gambling audience. This is evident with Casinos Austria who only a week after launching heir website has already taken the strategic move to add online poker, online bingo and sports betting to their current traditional casino offerings. now offers a vast assortment of casino games. We are hopeful that they will introduce their online games in a mobile version soon. Mobile gambling is the fastest growing trend in the online gambling market with mobile scratchies leading the way. The popularity of mobile scratchcard games is all about improving the online players gaming experience. The chance to have a flutter on your chosen scratchie from your iPhone or Android device is appealing to many especially the younger generation who are all bout fast paced and accessible online gambling.

Casinos Austria is an established global gaming company who operate in various regions in the globe as well as Austria. According to reports this strategy is paying off as management has voiced their satisfaction with the positive results.

The pattern of traditional casinos not only offering but embracing softer forms of gambling like online scratch cards is a trend worth noting. Many traditional casinos have realized that there is a previously untapped market of social gamblers who enjoy the likes of scratchcards in their online and instant version.

The security and trustworthiness of established online casinos like and give the online scratchcard player the chance to play their classic games while providing a luxurious and up market gambling opportunity.

The combination of offering both softer and traditional forms of gambling seems to be the most beneficial approach for both operators and players alike.  With online scratchies advancing by the day, their appeal is set to grow and expand the growth of traditional casino sites.