888Play has just released their latest instant lottery game that lets you win big bucks called “Quick Play”. Lottery based games are highly popular and this online version manages to capture the excitement of a lottery draw. This sophisticated instant win lottery game is pretty unique in that there is a draw every 60 seconds throughout the day.


The way “Quick Play”works is simple, there are 6 balls drawn out of 36 every 60 seconds. Every ball is marked with a color (red, green or yellow) and has a number (1-36).

What is great about this “Quick Play” is the variation of the types of bets you can place. You get the chance to win in many ways with the many betting options available.

Betting is divided into 3 categories that include numbers, colors and sum.

To start playing just choose the amount you wish bet on the “Bet” meter. Remember it is always advised to bet high in order to win high. Choose any of the 6 balls and click “Go” to register your bet.

Regarding colors you get to choose many winning options that include only red ,yellow or no dominating color just to mention a few.

In terms of Sum there is also an array of options that include all even and all odds as a winning combination.

Betting starts at a low £0.10 and has a maximum of £50.

The graphics and feel to this instant online lottery game are great and the many betting options available provide hours on intriguing entertainment.

888Play is a part of the 888 Group based in Gibraltar who are listed on the London Stock Exchange. They offer over 100 online scratch cards, slots, lottery, instant win and casino games on the market. They are powered by NeoGames which ensures only the latest and best online games are at your fingertips.

888Play offer up to £1,000,000 in their Grand Jackpot Prize and offer you a free £5 No deposit Necessary Sign up bonus which lets you play for real cash for free.