One of the main focuses for all major online casino companies is that of mobile gambling. The simple fact that more of us are continuing to change over from PC’s to the ever hand and user-friendly mobile smartphone.  Portability of smartphones has in effect resulted in the option of anyone walking around with a portable casino in their pocket.

One of the major players in the mobile sector is that of Apple. It is with remembering that Apple with its first iPhone over five years ago introduced the world to the idea of a Smartphone which is capable of changing the way we live our online lives. Few events have been so hyped up like the latest release of Apple’s iPhone 5. It has been such a success that analysts like J.P. Morgan that Apple could sell over 50 million in the fourth quarter of the year. Analyst Katy Huberty goes as far as to predict that Apple could sell over 200 million iPhones in 2013.

China is set to become a major factor in boosting iPhone 5 sales as more Chinese carriers are set to offer the new phone. Advanced smartphones like the iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S III give the mobile casino gambler a unique entrance into the casino world with the benefit of having the choice of when and where to play. Larger screens and faster processors are the reason why mobile gambling is the hit it is with millions of casino fans.

Scratch cards sites have adapted to mobile and there are various platforms that provide this like All Slots casino, Karamba and At this point in time though mobile scratch cards are available, but not in the majority of sites yet but this won’t be the case for long. We are confident that in 2013 we will see mobile games become a standard feature not an added bonus on the majority of scratch and slots sites.

The traffic trends on the internet show increasing mobile usage and already make up a considerable percentage of the visitors on websites. These range from tablet devices like the IPad to smartphones be they Android, IPhone, Nokia or Blackberry. The future is obviously mobile where no one can ignore it and the opportunities it provides for both players and online sites.