Scratch-off tickets are often used in marketing and promotional campaigns. They are also popular as gifts and can potentially reward a life changing jackpot in a second. We reported last year on a lucky mother of four who received scratch cards as a birthday present and won a tidy sum of cash. For a Fort Wayne math teacher this is exactly what happened. Holly Vogel won a smashing $100,000 on a free Hoosier Lottery scratchie that she received after attending a basketball game of the Mad Ants in Indiana.

Vogel has season tickets to the Mad Ants games and was one of a chosen 100 fans who received a Hoosier Lottery prize pack which contained free scratch tickets.

Vogel was one of six winners and could not believe her luck when scratching the $100,000 prize. What made it even more exciting was the fact that Vogel had never purchased a lottery ticker prior to this win. She intends using her win for her upcoming wedding and placing a down payment on a house.

Scratchcards will always continue to provide an adrenalin rush as there is nothing like the excitement of scratching and revealing dream cash prizes. With the advent of the online scratch card this has been made as easy as clicking a button.