NeoGames have just released their new online scratchies game called “Heaven or Hell”. It is based on the eternal battle between good and evil. As you enter this game you are given the choice of choosing either “heaven” or hell”.

As one would expect the “Hell” option has a dark and fiery background with the classic devil with horns. In contrast the “Heaven” option is bright and there is an angel playing the harp to greet you.

Rating: ★★★★☆
Maximum Jackpot : €\£\$100,000
Minimum Bet : €\£\$0.10
Maximum Bet : €\£\$10
Pokies Site : CrazyScratch, 888Play
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The aim of “Heaven or Hell” is so simple. After choosing which side you want to play with you are presented with 4 pairs of cards. Each pair of cards contains 2 scratch cards. In order to win just scratch and reveal if you beat the card value of the opposition (Either Heaven or Hell).

You get the option of playing anything from 1-4 pairs simultaneously which means that you have a wide range of playing options. Bets star from as low as £0.10 and can go up to £10.The maximum jackpot prize is a heavenly £100,000 which could make anyone’s dreams come true.

We found Heaven or Hell to be an original and clever scratchgame that is visually appealing and it really grows on you.