Tradition is something we all treasure and the chance to play childhood games are always a great trip down nostalgia lane. We all know the childhood pastime of playing Heads or Tails and even flipping to see who goes first as sporting adults. This simple but classic game is brought online with the internet version of the Heads and Tails instant win scratchcard at

Just like the regular game the rules are the same.  When you start to play this scratch cards game you get taken to a friendly bar where a group of men are sitting around a table and flipping a coin.

Rating: ★★★★☆
Maximum Jackpot : €\£\$ 100,000
Minimum Bet : €\£\$0.05
Maximum Bet : €\£\$10
Online Scratchies Site : ScratchMania.Com
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To start playing yourself just decide how much you want to bet and click the “Play” button. Here you get the option of choosing Heads or Tails. The coin is tossed in the air and you get to see if you guessed correctly.

Heads or Tails is an amusing light hearted scratchies game that can reward you with an unforgettable €100,000 jackpot prize. The graphics in this game are original and pretty unique as they look like they were designed by an artist. Well I suppose that game developers are artists in their rights and leave their personal touch on the game which in this case is a homely feel and riveting coin flipping.

The idea to revive a classic game into an online scratch card version is another clever idea from All their online games stand out as they have a unique artistic look and feel to them. They recently revamped their website and now boast one of the more eye-catching online sites you will come across.

Free games are also on part of the welcome package where they give the first time player bonuses of €7 GRATIS to Scratch and Win. More reason to check out what a great site this company has produced. All this is for players to enjoy globally as an introduction to the scratchcards online world.