New Jersey has been one of the forerunners in the race to legalize online gambling in the U.S. While many states wait on the sidelines New Kersey has a proven track record of taking the lead and not waiting around for Federal authorities to implement nationwide legislation. Only last week the Senate & Assembly approved an intrastate online gambling measure which would see legalized online gambling within the borders of New Jersey.

The only stumbling block left is that of Gov. Chris Christie who needs to sign the bill into state law. With the fiscal cliff looming in the U.S. economy the Governor is coming under increasing pressure to approve the bill into law. Four State Senators including Ray Lesniak, James Whelan, Steve Sweeney and Jeff Van Drew have drafted a letter to “encourage” Gov. Christie to take decisive action.  Economic times are tough all round as other factors have affected New Jersey in particular. This has lead to many powerful Senators urging Christie to support the bill.

After the devastation of Hurricane Sandy the land casinos have been affected negatively and online gambling could go a long way in improving the situation. Supporters of the Bill point out what many have always stated in that many employment opportunities could be created. Tax revenues from internet gambling could be used for repairing the damages caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Proponents also point out that New Jersey could become a leader in the intent gambling market as they would be among the first to have legalized online gambling in the U.S. This could generate much needed economic activity which would largely be cost free to the state.

New Jersey is in a race with California and Nevada to be the first state to offer online gambling. It remains to be seen what 2013 holds in store for the online gambling market in the U.S. It would seem that the Federal government is still hesitant to adopt nationwide legislation and it will be up to individual states to take their own online gambling initiatives. Most experts believe that Christie will approve the bills which would see the U.S. market getting closer to legalizing online gambling on a wider scale.