We have yet another inspiring story about a lucky punter who like a lot of us bought a lottery scratchcard on impulse. Lee Orchard from Roche is the newest Gold National Lottery Millionaire scratch-off winner when he purchases a ticket for £5 on March 7.

What makes it even more interesting is the fact that the £5 was from a win on an earlier scratch ticket purchases. Like many, Orchard popped down his local Co-op on the way from work.  When there he spotted a £1 million scratchcard which he decided to purchase. As he returned to his car he could not believe his luck as he reveled h had won the magnificent million prize. He was so unsure of his win that he went back to the store for them to verify his win. Upon confirmation he was told to contact Camelot to pick up the prize.

It took a while for Orchard to believe his incredible fortune and even his wife took a long time before she was convinced. Orchard is a father of two and is married to Lee. With his winnings the family has the chance to seriously upgrade their current two-bedroomed house and already have plans to purchase a new home.

The couple also plans to go on a dream vacation to Disneyland and invest the cash for their children’s future. The lucky winner kept his cool and stated,

“We both want to keep working as we enjoy our jobs, but this win will take the pressure off. Laura might go part-time to spend a bit more time with the children while they’re young, but being able to move house is a big deal for us. My car is an old banger and on its last legs so it’ll be great to upgrade to a nice family car and not worry about repair bills.”