Whether it be Apple, Samsung or Nokia the global phone market has never been so active. Smartphones are a large percentage of global phone sales and are causing many of us to engage online solely with these convenient devices.

Online gambling is largely moving towards mobile casino gaming as more of us own advanced smartphones that are capable of competing with any computer.

The impact of phones in every corner of the globe was highlighted by a report from Strategy Analytics which stated that over 1.6 billion units were sold in 2012. Samsung was the largest manufacturer with a whopping 396.5 million for 2012. This figure was largely due to their highly popular Galaxy models which are considered by any as the best android phones available.

While making up a 25% market share their growth rate was only 2% and slowed down in markets like Europe and North America.

Apple on the other hand had a massive 46% growth rate and shipped over 135.8 million phones sold in 2012. This was boosted not only by the iPhone 5 launch but also the clever marketing strategy of older iPhone models which has proved successful.

Nokia is still trying to make a comeback particularly in the smartphone market. They currently have a 21.3% global market share and shipped 335.6 million phones in 2012. This was down for 417.1 million in 2011.

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