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The online UK gambling market is booming and the politicians are looking for ways to capitalize on the wealth generated by online gambling.

The debate has raised the question of the possible reform to the existing UK gambling Act of 2005. Conservative MP Matthew Hancock has introduced a bill applying to the taxation of offshore British bookmakers and has been given a second reading which is set for March 30.

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The aim of the bill is to address the different tax rates that offshore British casino operators pay and that of land based British casinos. The Bill proposes that all offshore gaming operators need apply for a UK Gambling Commission license and pay taxes accordingly. Another point of the proposed bill is to eliminate the Horse Racing Levy.

The idea behind the bill is to tax the online casino operators on the location of their customers and not the physical location of the casino operator. Many British Casino operators have moved their operation offshore to places like Gibraltar and The Isle of Man who are considered tax havens.

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MP Hancock is under increasing pressure from his constituency where Horse-racing provides many employment opportunities.“I look forward to making the case for reform to the system and helping secure a future for racing. Horse-racing supports 100,000 jobs countrywide including 5,000 in my constituency town of Newmarket,”

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Opposition to the bill came from MP Philip Davies who believes that any further taxation on legal online gambling operators would simply mean that punters would seek illegal and unregulated online casinos to gamble.

He suggested a solution which would mean a global 5% tax on both offshore and land based casinos as the chance of collecting more is not practical.” A single digit tax system of 5 percent across the board would be better than trying to collect 15 percent from none of them”.

The bill was introduced to the House of Commons under the “10 Minute Rule”. This provision allows any MP to present a topic to the House Members in under 10 minutes and try to convince them of the merits of an issue.

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