Those of us who play scratchcards are well aware of the fun and excitement of scratching away for hidden jackpots. The thrill of the unknown and expectation of a timely cash prize is what makes the scratchcard a timeless classic.

This fact has not gone unnoticed by the Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman, who is better known as the X-Men Star. While filming on the set of Les Miserables the famous actor decided that the crew needed something to cheer them up.

Jackman is playing the role of Jean Valjean which is based on the famous musical that in turn is based on the 162 Novel of Victor Hugo. Well as we mentioned free scratchcard players know exactly what gets them going.

Jackman reportedly purchased hundreds of lottery scratchcards for the film crew. The cast that also includes actress Anne Hathaway were on a break due to rain in Berkshire and filming was temporarily halted. Jackman promptly popped by the corner store where he spent over £250 on free scratchcards for everyone on the set.

According to a report in the Sun an insider stated,” Hugh said he needed to go to the shops then came back with a wad of scratchcards and handed them out to everyone. It’s a nice gesture. No one won, however – or if they did they’re not saying.”

Surprisingly enough this is not the first time that Hugh Jackman has showed his affinity for scratchcards as he also bought over 500 US lotto tickets last year when filming the movie Reel Steel.

It never ceases to amaze how a simple free scratchcards gamecan bring so much joy and excitement wherever they appear.