How many us purchase lottery tickets only to stuff them away in a draw or pocket? Well for a Clayton County man from Georgia his “forgotten” ticket nearly cost him $1 million. Ramon Rodriguez of Rex purchased a Powerball lottery ticket over 2 months ago. It was only by chance that he came across it in his truck console on Wednesday.

Rodrigues, 54 checked his lotto ticket in the computer and could not believe his eyes, “I went to the computer and looked at the numbers. This can’t be right!’ I looked twice.”

Still in disbelief Rodriguez woke up his wife and daughter to tell them the good news. Like so many of us Rodriguez purchased the ticket at gas station in Texas. Being the father of two children, Rodriguez used their birthdays as the lucky numbers. Rodriguez was one of two lucky lotto winners in the state of Georgia who won over $1 million in the August 8th draw.

It never ceases to amaze one how many regular people like you and me become instant millionaires from purchasing lotto tickets. Like Rodriguez the chance to change the destiny of your family and loved ones is just one reason why lottery tickets are so popular wherever you are in the world. Added to this is the fact that anyone can play online lotteries in our global village. Its great to dream and that is what playing the lottery is all about. Dreams do come true for some and its always great to witness.

Internet lottery services allow all of us to participate in all the biggest global lotto like that of the U.S. Powerball and Euromillions where jackpots often reach into the hundreds of millions. These lottery agents basically can get you into draws from almost anywhere on the planet where there is a National Lottery in place.It gives you the chance to dream of international winnings from wherever and whenever you may choose.