A recent report by research firm IDC has shed some light on the latest round of competition between Apple and Samsung regarding the global mobile technology race to dominate.

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According to the IDC report Samsung have managed to take the top spot in the first quarter in global smartphone sales. They shipped over 42.2 million smartphones giving them a 29% market share while Apple shipped 35.1 million iPhones which gave them a 24.2% market share.

Samsung recorded a massive increase from the 11.5 million smartphones from the same time in the previous quarter. Apple also enjoyed a dramatic increase from the 18.6 million the previous year.

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The rivalry between Apple and Samsung is fierce as Apple enjoyed increased growth in key markets like China. Samsung owed much of it success to the Galaxy range of smartphones and tablet devices.

Samsung seems to have taken a firm lead in the global smartphone market over Apple with having sold over 11.8 million more smartphones for the quarter. The rivalry between these two giants has even reached the courts as their respective CEO’s are set to hold talks later this month to address their legal issues.

It remains to be seen how this rivalry will develop. Although Samsung has a lead in the global smartphone race, Apple has never had so many of its products on the shelves and has embarked on an aggressive marketing campaign that offers the iPhone for $100 and the iPhone 3GS for free under certain conditions.

The overall smartphone market is growing exponentially. There were over 101 million smartphones offered to consumers in 2011 in comparison to the 144.9 million offered in 2012.

Fierce competition like that of Apple and Samsung is only good for online players. These two mobile giants are providing cutting edge platforms that are able to power our mobile scratchcards apps and deliver us the best games on offer.