What could be possibly be wrong with discovering you have won £50,000 on a Lottery scratchcard received as gift? Well for the winner Wesley Knight this sudden stroke of luck was part of an elaborate prank played by his best friend Chris Payne,26 who for his wedding decided to dish out scratch cards as presents.

At first Knight could not contain his joy and was celebrating his good fortune at his best friend’s wedding reception until his friends informed him that it was all a hoax.

The groom himself Chris Payne pulled the ultimate hoax during his reception at the Ferry House Inn in Harty on the Isle of Sheppey. This prank has now made the “victim” of the fake Lottery Scratchcard a local celebrity because it has gone viral. It has received so much attention that it was selected for Channel 4’s hit TV show Rude Tube.

The Fake Lottery Scratch card has resulted in Wesley becoming a celebrity around Sittingbourne. Wesley is a painter and decorator and said, “I didn’t realize the card was a winner at first because I was looking for the smaller amounts. It was only when I looked again that I thought I’d won £50,000. It lasted only a few minutes when I finally clicked it was a prank after turning the card over and it said the card was a fake.”

Real scratch tickets are the ideal gift to give for a special occasion. It was only recently that we reported the story of a nurse Geraldine who received scratch cards as a birthday gift and went on to win over €24,000!