There are groundbreaking reports that Facebook are considering entering the online casino industry. With the social giant offering its IPO next year there are reports that Facebook is considering allowing online casinos to operate within their network.

Online gaming is an unstoppable force which is bringing all our popular Scratch cards games and Online Slots directly to our fingertips. It seems that wherever you look whether it be mobile smartphones or tablets the gaming industry have managed to penetrate all forms of media. The ability to scratch and win and at the same time keep up to date with our social network seems like a winning combination.

 These reports were touched upon in the Daily Mail, They claim that sources within the eGaming Review state that negotiations have already started between Facebook and 20 other gambling interests including casinos and gambling experts.

Players such as 888 and Gamesys might be amongst the initial online players.

The reason why the U.K. was chosen is because online gaming is extremely popular to the point of online casino logos appearing on the English Premier Leagues logos!

According to James Bennet of the eGaming Review Facebook has started looking for new ways to generate income and the online casinos are looking to new profitable sources of revenue.

Facebook has not confirmed the reports but has stated that any new project would have to ensure that their audiences are guaranteed a safe, secure and appropriate experience.

It seems that there is truth to these rumors and that the online gaming industry is going to be part of the biggest social network in the world. Who would believe that it will soon be possible to play all our favorite scratch cards while updating our current status on Facebook!