One of Microgaming’s new online releases for April 2013 is called European Blackjack Redeal Gold. It is always exciting to play a casino table game online and blackjack is always a crowd favorite. This latest offering is a revamped version of the traditional European Blackjack game. There are some improved new playing features that include “a re-deal component”.

This bonus option enables the player to re-deal your own cards, your last card or even the Dealer’s card. You as a player get to re-deal up to five times with only a small cost. There are even some free combinations that can be re-dealt with no cost to the player at all.

Rating: ★★★★★
Minimum Bet : £0.1
Maximum Bet : £25
Recommended Sites : Ladbrokes , AllSlots
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Players will get two decks of cards per game and will include split and double down options with the Dealer stand on all 17. Betting is varied and can include unlimited as well as mixed chip stacks. The look and feel to this online casino game is smooth and fast, creating high end gaming experience.

Betting prices range from £0.1 to £25 which enables the casino newbie and seasoned pro to enjoy the pleasure of online blackjack gambling at its best.