Lottery tickets and scratch cards are the perfect partners as both are convenient and affordable ways to change our lives with a flutter. It is no coincidence that both scratchies and lotto tickets are always found next to each other and often scratch tickets are an integral part of lotteries worldwide.

It is common for many of us to routinely purchase scratch card ticket and lotto game as part of our regular shopping purchases. There are very few who think twice before having a flutter as we all know that it only costs a pound or less to start testing your luck.

For a couple Claire McManus and her partner Scott Connah the planned purchase of a scratch card made them instant millionaires in an unexpected way. The couple who are both 30 asked a friend to buy them a scratchcard in their local shop in North Wales. Fortunately for them their friend landed up purchasing a lottery ticket instead. The lucky couple who often purchased scratch cards landed up winning a cool £1 million. The couple could not believe their luck and had to check the winning ticket multiple times until eventually confirmed from a lady from Camelot with the words,” Congratulations, you’re a millionairess.”

The lucky couple intend purchasing their own home as well as going on a family holiday with part of their winnings. Thanks to their friend misunderstanding them they now have the chance to fulfill many of their dreams.