Winning the lottery once is a once in a lifetime event but winning it twice can only mean some Divine Intervention. For a Gateshead couple John Ord and his wife Karen, their lack of communication could not have been more fortuitous. The husband John Ord 52 always bought his regular National lottery ticket at their local newsagent with the numbers based on their family’s birth dates. His wife Karen 44 not knowing that her husband already purchased a ticket also bought a lotto ticket at local post office.

The lucky couple could not believe their fortune when watching the draw on television. Each one of them won almost £100,000 each as they picked the correct numbers as well as the bonus ball.

The Wife Karen said she could not believe her luck and always said her prayers to her late father who died from Cancer six years ago to bring her some luck. Someone upstairs was certainly listening and sent down a double dose of lottery luck which is a once in a lifetime event.

An ecstatic Mr Ord stated that he plans to enjoy his life a  lot more as well as take their four sons on a dream holiday. The fortunate couple bought their lucky winning National Lottery tickets from Felling Post office in Gateshead and Carey Newsagents at the Metro Station in Heworth.

The Ord couple had been married for over 20 years and could not have asked for a better anniversary present. The lottery is a highly popular form of gambling for many millions. Today there is also the option of playing any global online lottery from the comfort of your home. Like scratch cards online lotteries are highly popular with those looking to have a flutter without leaving their homes.

Mobile scratch cards and lottery apps apps are becoming increasingly popular as they offer convenience and accessibility.

For many of us we could not be bothered to pop down to our local store to purchase scratch cards and lottery tickets. Both lottery and online scratch games are user friendly and easy to play gambling options for the man in the street.

It is no surprise that Governments around the world enjoy tax revenues from millions of scratch cards and lottery games. The revenues from tickets sales are used to fund many worthy social causes which make scratch cards and lotto the ideal form of gambling for both player and state.