The online scratch card industry is benefiting by the overwhelming changes in online gambling laws with particular emphasis on the United States. Only a week after Nevada opened the gates of online poker to the U.S., the State of Delaware has gone further. They have included other types of betting and can easily add scratch cards to the list.

The state of Delaware has made history has become the first state to allow a full-service betting on their website that will offer blackjack, poker and roulette.

The legislation was signed by Gov. Jack Markell and is known as the Delaware Gaming Competitiveness Act of 2012. This bill was passed by the Senate by a narrow margin as opponents to the online legislation feared that it would have negative social consequences on society.

Supporters of this groundbreaking legislation pointed out that it would create some much needed employment opportunities as well as to help the struggling casino industry who are facing stiff competition from neighboring states like Pennsylvania.

Tax revenues from the likes of internet scratchies are a guaranteed revenue generator because  affordable gambling like online scratch cards can appeal to all walks of life. Creating additional employment opportunities is essential in these testing economic times.

In terms of the bill online casino games and online slots games will be available via Delaware’s casino website and will be centrally controlled by the State Lottery Office.

The question of Federal restrictions is still relevant and online gambling will only be allowed within the state and will be controlled by special software.

Delaware is hoping to have everything up and running by 2013 and has ambitious plans to include mobile casino gambling for tablet and smartphone devices. Accessible softer forms of wagering like mobile scratchies are ideally suited as a test case for the general effects of gaming on society. Many states are more open to social gaming such as scratch cards tickets to test the impact internet gambling would have on their communities.

While Nevada did legalize online poker last week, Delaware has gone a step further in that it has legalized various sorts of casino gambling which will almost certainly include online scratch cards at a further stage.

With election year in full force, Delaware Governor is well aware that the casino industry currently employs over 2,500 people and legal gambling currently generates over $350 million annually in taxes. With the legalization of online gambling within the state the sky is the limit in terms of possible revenues.

Supporters of the bill believe that it will be possible to keep the current land casino jobs while at the same time generate additional revenues with the new option available to them.

Nevada and Delaware are just two states in the space of a week who have realized that internet gaming is the way forward in the industry. With millions of online scratch card enthusiasts just waiting to play in their home country, there is no avoiding the reality that many more U.S. states will allow it sooner rather than later. These positive developments only bode well for the scratchcard industry as many people look to scratchies as the most user-friendly way to get their hands on life changing cash jackpots with a single scratch of a card.