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If you have ever thought you were having a bad day, then the next story is for you. In a report in the AFP of over 300 Danes who had been informed that they had entered the exclusive billionaire’s club where only the finest caviar and champagne were to come their standard way of life after “winning” the lottery.

The Danish state-run lottery, Danske Spil, sent out over 300 emails to inform these “lucky” lotto winners of their astronomical life changing jackpots hey had just won.

According to Danske Spil spokesperson, Thomas Roersig,” Three hundred of our lottery players, who won the lottery, the Keno, received a message saying they had won a sum in the billions. And they never won that amount … We are of course very sorry. We have now written to them to inform them of the sum that they really won.”

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Among the newly crowned billionaires was Flemming Dahl who had “won” over $3.8 billion in an email received. As to be expected he said,” My heart leapt and I started thinking of all the things I was going to do with the money: take my family on holiday, buy a new house, a new car,”

Although some of the” winners” were deservedly furious, others surprisingly took it quite well according to Roersig.

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