Christmas has come early for an East Point mother of three who won $250,000 on a lotto scratch card from the Georgia Lottery prize. The 47 year-old Maria Gomez became the latest jackpot winner after purchasing a “Giant Jingle Bucks” ticket.

Gomez like so many of us reach out for a scratchie almost instinctively when we do our local shopping. Gomez purchased the winning scratch ticket at Citgo Food Mart in East Point. She was with her husband checked the ticket in the car, when she saw the matching no. 17 she went back home to and even forgot about their shopping. The ecstatic Gomez plans on buying a new home and purchasing a Christmas tree.

Gomez is just another one of many winners on which we have reported. While there are so many gambling options out there, there is no way to beat a scratch card ticket which is so easily available whenever you go out to your local seven eleven or other store. The fact that they are so affordable to anyone and regularly payout is what continues to make them a global hit with millions the world over.

There is a universal language when it comes to scratch-off tickets. The basic idea and playing format behind games is uniform and needs no complicated explanation when playing.

For those of us who are lazy here are the options of online and even mobile scratch cards which are available to anyone with a smartphone or tablet device. Whichever option you prefer, scratchcard games will continue to be a dominant force in the gambling world as they remain true to their winning formula which is availability, simplicity and affordability.