With our increasingly hectic modern day lifestyles, we are all getting used to having the online world at our fingertips. Scratch cards players all over the world are no different and expect all of the scratch card sites to be available at the tips of their fingertips in easy and cutting edge scratchgames apps.

China with its population of 1.3 billion has become one of the most competitive mobile phone and tablet devices markets in the world. Online Scratch Cards at the moment are not available to players in china though. According to Beijing-based research firm Analysis International, Google’s Android operating system has managed to capture nearly 70% of the smartphone market in 2011. This is a massive 35% rise from the previous year.

Many look to emerging markets like China as the ideal launching pad for online scratch cards as the universal Scratchies format is the same whether in China or in the U.S. The fact that millions engage in purchasing Scratchies makes them an ideal format to market as a convenient online scratch card version.

This 68% growth is particularly significant as in China there are over 988 million mobile phone subscribers and the Chinese Market has become the battling ground for Apple and Android. Android devices are more popular in China due to their much cheaper price range and devices available than that of Apple who for most Chinese are not affordable.

China has still not entered the 4G LTE market and experts believe they are still a couple of years away from adopting this technology. This has resulted in some of the latest Android Devices not being able to be fully taken advantage of in terms of broadband speed.

With the global mobile technology market exploding, it is hard to see how we ever managed without our mobile scratchcard apps. The ability to scratch and win at the touch of a button is now days as common as making a call. If China entered the scratchcards market the industry would soar to new heights. Just the sheer number of potential scratchies and slots players in China would give an injection to the scratchgames industry like never seen before.

The iPhone is popular in China and the country’s largest mobile carrier has about 15 million iPhone users. The Chinese market is only second in importance for Apple after the U.S. and the recent visit of Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook reinforces this. Playing Scratch Cards on your IPhone or Android is an epical way to take a punt. The Chinese are known for their love of Casino gaming and we look forward to the day scratch cards and online casino games become a regular Chinese social activity.

China’s contribution to Apple’s 4th quarter earnings made up 16% or $4.5 billion. To put this in perspective this is more than the entire 27 member states of the European Union.

One of the most appealing features of modern day scratchcards is their ability to interest all walks of life. There are scratchgames designed exclusively for women or for the auto racing fanatics, there is never a dull moment in the lucrative scratch card world.

Things are improving for Apple in China with a rise from 4.1% in the first quarter to 5.7% by the end of the fourth quarter. This massive and largely untapped market has massive growth potential that smartphone vendors like Apple are well aware of.

The daily advancements of smartphone technology are making the online scratch card experience more and more enjoyable for all.