You would think that winning a million dollars on a scratch card would be the ultimate chance to walk away happily into the sunset. For a 46-year-old native of India Urooj Khan this was not the case, Chicago Police and Cook County prosecutors are looking into the sudden death of the scratch card winner Khan. A family member suspected foul play and it was found in December that Khan died of cyanide posing.

According to reports in the Chicago Tribune, authorities are deciding whether to exhume the body to determine the amount of cyanide Khan ingested.

Khan purchased $60 worth of scratch cards at a convenience store last summer which turned him into a millionaire. Khan opted to take the option of a lump sum prize of $425,000. According to police reports Khan returned home one day from work, ate dinner and went to bed. He later felt ill and was taken to hospital screaming where he later died. At the time the death was ruled from natural causes and there was no suspicion of foul play. It was only a week afterwards where the family member voiced his suspicions.

This scratchcard winner was not so lucky and it remains to be seen who was behind his death. For most winners the story is well different as we have reported in the past. Dream jackpots are common and in most cases enable the winners to change their fortunes.