“Even in this economy, people still want to challenge luck,” These are the words of Gambling Mogul Sheldon Adelson.

The question as to whether people should turn to having a flutter in difficult times is both a social and for some a moral issue. Furthermore many ask the question what is defined as gambling and what is more of a social based activity with a gambling element.

There are many of us who enjoy the softer forms of gambling as a social leisure activity. For many classic casino games like poker and blackjack are a bit intimidating as you need to study the rules and methods of play.

For this reason when looking for rewarding forms of gambling,  online scratch cardsare a popular and appealing choice for millions. As humans are prone to do, we always fall back on the familiar and in the case of the scratchcard familiarity is comforting.

There is no one who has not encountered the traditional scratch cards we used to buy at our local kiosks. The rules were simple and easy to understand which makes them popular until this day.

With the evolution of online and mobile scratch cards, the once one dimensional scratchie has been transformed into a ever changing and one of the more versatile online gambling formats in the market today.

It is truly amazing to see what scratch cards developments have managed to accomplish with the latest cutting edge technology and innovation. Modern online scratch card games succeed in catering for every possible sector and preference. The spectrum of themed based scratch cards is unparalleled.

The combination of a simple and accessible format on the one hand and a highly lucrative reward factor on the other is the essence of the allure of modern day scratch cards.

With jackpots on scratchcards reaching £1,000,000 like in Super 3Wow, the scratchie has deservedly taken its spot at the top with other traditional forms of gambling.

In the past the scratch card was considered a more basic and less sophisticated gambling option. With the latest mobile scratch card apps the “scratch card” has managed to retain its easy to play format while providing the scratch card player with the same life changing jackpots that more complicated gambling formats offer.

A great attraction for scratch cards is the fact that they offer one of the highest guaranteed payouts of any gambling format. Out of every 3 cards one is guaranteed to be a winner. While all types of gambling have a luck factor it is comforting to know that you can choose a format which has a proven payout record.

Another major factor in determining which gambling format we choose is the entertainment factor. In this department scratch cards are unchallenged due to their diverse themes.

There is no other gambling format that can pack romance, sport , travel, astrology ,cuisine, fairytales and even classic casino games into one simple and user friendly format.

Social gambling is a widespread leisure activity which gives the chance to millions even in difficult times to try and improve their luck. History has proven that even in challenging times people are quick to look for ways to improve their fortunes. With all the documented jackpot winners it is clear that to “challenge your luck” is a worthwhile proposition.