With the U.S online gambling market opening up, many experts are looking into social and economic effects of such legalization. There are many sides to the online gambling debate and it is important to voice all sides of the debate. We at onlinescratchcardreviews.com are a dedicated online scratch card, slots and lottery site, we continue to follow the developments in the U.S. with interest.

The scratch card could become an integral part of the online gambling industry in the U.S when it becomes legal. While many U.S. citizens are tight pressed for cash in the nationwide economic turndown, millions are seeking softer and more affordable ways of having a flutter even in tight times. Whether it be traditional lottery scratchcard tickets or their online versions, they continue to attract millions with their accessible price tag.

In a recent survey conducted by CasinoFYI.com it was found that over 81% of Americans are against a ban on online gambling. It is important to point out that the actual survey was actually outsourced to Google Insights as not to be swayed by an online casino site with a vested interest.

This interesting survey was done with over 4000 internet users who were questioned about the issue of online gambling legalization. There were some key issues raised that are worth mentioning.

For starters they were asked how they feel in general about online gambling legalization. Given the option of banning it to legalizing gambling, over 46.1% was in favor of letting each state decide with the second choice of allowing legalization and taxing it on a federal level with 24.9%. Interesting enough the option of banning online gambling was only chosen by 18.9% of respondents.

Another interesting question was that of how many had gambled online in the last 12 months. With over 1,000 polled, only 6.4% responded that they had gambled online with over 93.6% responding no. This question is interesting as according to the survey over 81% support online gambling legalization despite not yet having ever played a online.

The question of what the best argument for legalizing online gambling was also surveyed. With choices ranging from free choice to job creation over 45.1% of respondents chose the argument of free choice. In second place was the chance of increased tax revenues chosen by 20.5% of respondents.

When asked what the main reason would be for banning online gambling the main reasons were those of gambling addiction and rigged games. Another point of interest is the option of gambling addiction only came in with 31.8% of respondents.

Owner of CasinoFYI.com, Wes Burns summarized what many believe in the online gambling industry, “It’s no surprise really. The ban on   is ineffective and hypocritical. The ban has done nothing to stop online gambling and has only served to push the market underground.”

The indications are positive and it seems that the online option of playing scratch cards is  set to convert to a reality in the U.S. in the very close future.