With the growth of online gambling and gambling in general we are always supportive of measures which help online players gamble responsibly. Whether it be Scratchcards or any other online casino games, there is nothing better than at the end of hard day coming home and taking a break while scratching and winning on the latest and best Scratchcards.

The Australian state of Victoria has temporarily banned the use of earphones on gaming machines in land-bases venues.

The ban on “personal audio technology” was introduced by Michael O ‘Brien and is aimed at preventing this technology from isolating gamblers from the outside world.

“Such technology is clearly designed to immerse gamblers in gaming machine play, potentially reducing their awareness of their surroundings and the time they have spent playing a machine,” said O’Brien.

O’Brien stated that the banning of the technology is yet another step aimed at minimizing the harm caused by irresponsible gambling and encouraging responsible gambling.

He further pointed out that the use of this earphone technology can reduce the capacity of staff to communicate with the players and can cause problems when intervention is required with problematic gamblers as they enter what is known as “The Zone” where they are less capable of making responsible judgments regarding money and the consequences of their actions.

“Advertising for this technology referred to gaming machines having ‘earphone plug ability to deeply immerse and engage players in game play’, which is clearly not consistent with the responsible gambling objectives enshrined in Victorian legislation,” said O’Brien.

So let’s continue enjoying our Online Scratchcards and other “online casino” gaming in a safe and responsible manner.