As we all know there are sweeping changes expected in the online casino  gambling community in light of the ne new stance of the Justice Department on the Wire Act.

The issue of lobbying has once again come into the headlines as states scramble to draft legislation to enable online casino gambling. There are countless benefits to legalizing scratch cards and online casino poker sites.

Scratch cardshave a proven track record a been one of the more popular forms of online casino gambling .It is no surprise that many states are looking for markets such as the online scratch cards market to boost their dwindling income revenues.

The global recession has hit the U.S. hard and many believe that the introduction of legalized online scratch cards could generate much needed income as well as employment opportunities. The scratch cards market has a wide reach and the potential in the scratch cards market is still widely untapped.

Well an interesting voice from the past popped up recently to put his opinion forward. The colorful and controversial former Lobbyist Jack Abramoff known better as “Casino Jack” believes that in light of the new stance of the DOJ, there is likely to be much political lobbying undertaken and legalization efforts at both federal and state level will increase dramatically.

The “lobbying” Jack Abramoff is talking about points to a much darker side to American politics. As we all know Abramoff is a former lobbyist who amassed a fortune by taking money from Indian Tribes who he was supposed to be lobbying. He was also known to be very “generous” with key political Congressional and executive branch officials in the George W. Bush administration. Abramoff acknowledged that he took over $20 million form Indian Tribes and his other transgressions included tax evasion and bribery just to mention a few.

He pleaded guilty on two felony accounts in 2006 which involved corruption, fraud and conspiracy .He served 3.5 years in prison and was released on 2010. He was recently portrayed in the Hollywood movie Casino jack based on his life story and played by Kevin Spacey.

We at believe that all responsible lobbying will benefit the online casino and scratch cards community in a big way and make the year 2012 a truly memorable and profitable one for all.