Right on the heels of New Jersey, California has become the latest state to pass legislation that would enable them to offer legal sports betting in the state. It seems there is no stopping the momentum of the push to legalize gambling in the United States. Currently thanks largely to last year’s legislation changes there has been a flurry of states adopting fixed positions to get a piece of the gambling pie.

The admiration of social gambling such as sports betting and scratch cards is irrefutable because there are millions who enjoy having a flutter on their sports teams or scratching away seeking the Winning Scratch Card Ticket on a daily basis. It will be an amazing feat to see different cultures like the UK and US develop and share cultural games across the spectrum.

The old argument that gambling is only for smoke filled casino is no longer relevant. Online scratch cards and sport betting sites are available at the touch of your own buttons and far as we concerned it’s a constitutional right the masses should have to gamble online whenever and wherever they so choose.

The fact that millions of scratch card players have to seek alternative countries in which to spend their cash means that millions of scratchcard dollars are being lost to the U.S. economy.

In a report in the LA Times it was confirmed that California has approved a bill on Tuesday that would legalizes sports betting in California. The bill was passed in anticipation that the federal government will lift its ban on sports betting in all but four states. According to Sen. Roderick Wright, the bill would enable state casinos and horse tracks to start offering sports betting.

Sports’ betting is huge and currently in Las Vegas alone generates over $2.6 billion annually. Wright like many other supporters of legalizing sports betting point out the reality of millions partaking in sports betting on a daily basis. He believes that California has to keep up with the realities of the market and ensure that gambling revenues stay in state and not go to other states or overseas gaming operators.

With election year in full force politicians look to legalizing gambling such as poker, scratch cards and sports betting as a way to avoid raising taxes. Many states are only too happy to reap the rewards of legalized scratchgames and sports betting.

Wright so correctly pointed out that presently California does not get a single cent from sports betting,” We receive absolutely no money from it.” The SB 1390 Bill was approved by the Senate in a 32-2 vote and is expected to be sent to the Assembly for final consideration and approval. States like California and New Jersey will be remembered as pioneers in the fight to legalize online gambling. The days of antiquated laws denying the basic right of punters to play online seem to be numbered.

One gets the irrefutable feeling that the topic of illegal online scratch cards in the U.S. will become something that we look back at in amusement. The day is drawing near where citizens in the U.S. will be with us UK scratchcards fans on the frontlines of all the best sport betting and casino action without the need to leave our homes.