We always enjoy bringing you real live stories of lottery and scratch card winners. Well the next story is somewhat strange as the parties concerned deliberately did not come forward for five years despite knowing that they had won over 5 million. The two brothers Andy Askar 34 and Nayel Ashkar 36 of Central New York waited over six years before claiming their dream jackpot scratch card prize of $5 million which they bought from their parents’ Syracuse convenience store.

The brothers claimed their prize from the “$500,000,000 Extravaganza” scratch-off game just 11 days before it would have expired.

The reason why the brothers delayed claiming their prize is somewhat interesting and a little weird. According to reports the younger brother delayed his claim because he was concerned how his lucky win would negatively influence his life and prepare the ground for going public as a winner. The brother Andy also was concerned at the possible effects of the win on his engagement and recent marriage.

Ashkar’s concerns may have been justified as since their win was made public both friends and family were calling to share in the lucky fortune of the brothers,

Nayel Ashkar’s wife was quoted as saying,” It’s crazy. “Hard to believe. It’s still sinking in.”

According to the lottery rules scratch-off games that are not claimed after a year a game is retired forfeit their winnings. Lottery officials assured the public that everything was above board as they routinely investigate any winner who is related to the owner of a store where the tickets were sold.

The brothers bought the winning ticket from their parents’ Green Ale Market. She summed up her emotions to the Associated Press by saying,” I’m happy. Of course I’m happy.”