Online gambling has never been as popular like it is today as you literally get the chance to win life changing jackpots from the comfort and security of your own home or on a Mobile device. For a 42-year old Sue Hope a tiny investment of just £3,20 on a slots game at William Hill turned her into Britain’s most successful female gambler.

Hope won a life changing amount of £720,000 from a £3.20 bet on the “Fairest of Them All “ online slots game. The chain of events that led to this unbelievable win was no less interesting. It all started out when Sue was supposed to go on a night out in Jesmond but her friends couldn’t make it. After being stuck at home she decided to log onto William Hill’s online site and have a flutter.

Sue said, “I was initially fed up about not going out and on the way home I bought a pint of milk and a scratchcard and won a tenner,” said Sue. “I watched some telly but I started thinking perhaps all this is telling me to have a go on the slot machines. The cash reel started spinning and it went from tens of pounds, to hundreds of pounds, to thousands of pounds and I started shaking. “I was clutching the computer. It settled on £720,167.30. I switched the computer off and back on and it was still there with a congratulations message. I was shaking when I rang my mum and told her – she thought I was mad.”

Like so many other online gambling winners, Hope intends to use her winnings wisely. She said it was a life changing sum of money and would use it to buy a place in the Bahamas for herself and her dad as well as taking care of her disabled sister Catherine. She also intends on helping her brother Neil and his Wife Bryony who work as immigration officers.

This record breaking amount makes Sue Hope the largest British female winner and beat the previous £688,620 set by Agnes Haddock in 2007 who won on the ToteScoop6  TV bet.

William Hill is Britain’s largest bookmaker and their website covers everything that you could wish for in online gambling. At we have covered extensively their range of Playtech-powered online scratch cards and slots games. They are global leaders in providing the most comprehensive and entertaining online gaming experience. Their scratchies are amongst the best you will find and take their inspiration from Marvel Comics and global movie blockbusters. Many of their online scratchies feature cinematic graphics and offer jackpots of £1,000,000 and more.

It is well worth noting that like Sue Hope online gambling is accessible to all. There is no need to rob a bank in order to start playing as with just a couple of pounds you could well be the next jackpot winner and rewrite your destiny.