Fancy a high stakes blackjack game without needing to learn how to play? Well Playtech offer the ideal online game called “BlackJack” that will get you into the prestigious blackjack club but with a simple playing format of a scratch card.

When you start playing Blackjack you might be confused as it looks and feels like a regular blackjack game you would see in any casino. Lucky for you this a scratch card that is based on the popular blackjack theme. The aim of this innovative online scratch game is to beat the dealer’s hand.  To start playing all you need to do is to choose the amount you want to bet and start scratching.

Rating: ★★★½☆
Maximum Jackpot : £1,000,000
Minimum Bet : £0.10
Maximum Bet : £100
Scratch Site : William Hill Casino
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You will be dealt 3 two-card hands. Just scratch each hand one by one and see if you beat the dealer. The jackpot prize on Blackjack is £1 million which makes it a genuine high-stakes online scratch cards game. There is no need to think twice before playing as bets start from as low as £0.10 and go up to £100.

The look and feel of Blackjack gives you the atmosphere of sitting at a real live casino table where you get to play the ever popular blackjack just by scratching.

For those of us who enjoy the user-friendly laying format of scratch cards but enjoy the million pound jackpots and casino feel, then Blackjack is the ideal scratchie that provides everything in a single game.