The U.K. Gambling market has been in the news headlines of late as they are turning out to be the optimum testing ground for social casino operators looking to test the real money gambling online option. Only a week after Facebook and Gamesys launched their real money Gambling offering Bingo Friendzy, another major social casino brand has joined the UK real money gambling Market.

Big Fish Games is one of the most trusted and well known leaders in social gaming. They have just announced that they will be launching their Big Fish Casino which is based on their popular social casino game Card Ace:Casino.

Their new Big Fish Casino is aimed at the over 1 million monthly active users who are loyal followers of Card Ace:Casino. Big Fish are hoping to convert many of these dedicated players to their new real money gambling offering,

For UK players there will also be a real money option in the Big Fish Casino app. These new games will be powered by Betable who are a licensed UK online gambling company. At first the chance to play real money gambling will be offered via video poker, blackjack and roulette .Big Fish Casino are unique as they are one of the first major social gaming brand to enter the real-money gambling option.

CEO of Big Fish, Paul Thelen stated, “We have a strong conviction that mobile apps that combine social and real-money gambling are a powerful way to engage more users and increase overall monetization. With its real-time social interaction features and the thrill of real-money gambling, Big Fish Casino is the closest mobile users can get to the buzz and excitement of playing these games in a real-world casino.”

The CEO of Betable Christopher Griffin commented on their side of the partnership, “We believe that the first social gaming companies to offer real-money play will enjoy a substantial competitive advantage over those who wait, and we couldn’t be happier that Big Fish is getting a head start with Big Fish Casino, We have long admired Big Fish’s success and high-quality products, and look forward to a long and healthy partnership.”

Big Fish Casino is available for download both for the iOS platform, Android, Amazon and Facebook.

With the online gambling market estimated to be worth at least $32 billion it is a no brainer why so many social casino brands are looking to monetize their apps wherever possible. It is also important to remember that the social gaming market is only worth about 10% of the real money version and the average social gamer spends $1 in contrast to the $300 spent by the real money gambler.

The allure of the real money gambling option is seemingly making pure social online games obsolete as they give the player the option to not only enjoy the feel of casino based games but also feel the adrenalin of winning real cash at the touch of a button. There is no doubt that the mobile sector is the ideal playground for introducing these new real-money gambling apps as Facebook is getting over saturated. Added to this is the proliferation of advanced mobile devices like smartphones and tablets which are in essence enabling us to walk around with mobile casinos.