Scratch cards are a great idea to give as a gift for a special occasion like a birthday or an anniversary. The chance you give to someone dear to win a huge cash jackpot is something special. Besides the fun and excitement of possibly revealing a mystery prize there is the real possibility that the gift recipient might well indeed win a dream jackpot.

This is exactly what happened to a Borris-in-Oddory mother of four who received scratch cards from her friends as a birthday gift. The tickets in question were those of The Big Money Scratch offered by the National Lottery. Besides the instant cash prizes of up to €100,000 to be won on these scratch tickets there is also the option of matching three stars in which you can then send the lucky Scratch Card to the National Lottery. Each week five players from the three star entries will be picked to appear on the “The Big Money Game” TV Gameshow where each player can win up to €250,000.

For nurse Geraldine from Sentry Hill this birthday gift is one she will not forget as after appearing on the TV Show she took home €24,000. The ecstatic nurse Geraldine stated that she would love to change her car and do some house improvements.

Scratch cards continue to appeal to many people due to the high payout ratios and more importantly the adrenalin you feel as you scratch away to reveal what lady luck has in line for you.