Down under in Australia scratchies are national pastimes with so many enjoying the affordable fun of winning big for very little. For a couple from Ipswich their scratchie yielded them a $250,000 surprise jackpot. It was a surprise for the couple because initially they thought they had only won $10,000 when checking the ticket at Winston Glades News.  The owner of the newsstand checked the winning scratch card and confirmed the dream jackpot prize of quarter of a million dollars.

The lucky woman winner could not believe her luck with the fortuitous mistake and said,

“All I counted were nine words, so I thought we’d only won $10,000, and I was already over the moon. To hear that I was wrong and we’ve actually won 25 times that amount is just unbelievable. We’re both close to retirement age so now we’ll be able to use this money to finish up at work sooner and take care of ourselves.”

The latest Australian scratch card winner was like so many regular customers who indulged in playing lottery scratchies at the newsstand. This is not the first time that a winner was made at Winston Glade News as earlier in the year a lucky punter win $1 million in a lotto draw.

The owner of the newsstand Ms Boyland was delighted with the luck of her customer, “It makes all the hard work worthwhile. We hope all the time our customers have good luck.”

It is no surprise that few people can resist the urge to have a flutter on the classic scratchie which is a proven winner with regular cash jackpot payouts.