With 2012 coming to an end, the future for online gambling is largely in the mobile market. It is for this reason that we always endeavor to update our readers on the latest happenings in this burgeoning sector. With the launch of the iPhone 5 Apple have for the first time reached a milestone in the U.S.

According to sales data released by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech Apple has peaked in the U.S. with their highest smartphone market share in history. They currently hold 53.3% of the market share in the three months ending November 25. The good news is that this figure is expected to rise during the Festive season period as many snap u the iPhone for Christmas gifts.

While dominating the U.S. smartphone market, in Europe Samsung are still top dogs with a 44.3% market share. Apple is in second place with 35.3% share. While still a two horse race other manufacturers lie Nokia, Sony and HTC are fighting for third and lower places .Nokia is still trying to get a piece of the smartphone market with their Nokia Lumia 800 range. This is proving difficult as figures indicated that only 28% of their Lumia 800 sales are from consumers under 35.

Mobile gambling is what many consider the next frontier in online gambling. The portable devices available to anyone these days at an affordable price is driving gambling companies to prioritize their mobile platforms in order to keep up with current technological global trends. For anyone looking forward to 2013 one can say with certainty that smartphone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung will continue to deliver even more advanced devices with which we get to play an win with.