Many online gamblers who enjoy scratchcards are fast becoming devoted followers of the mobile device industry. It has become a way of life for many online gamblers players to use the latest mobile scratch cards apps as a means to play all our online casino games. With this is mind it is always interesting to see which smartphone manufacturers will continue to power our mobile casinos in the future.

There seems to be no stopping Apple and Samsung in dominating the smartphone market for the coming years. To confirm this reality, there was a report recently released by Cannacord Genuity which bode well for both these powerhouses. The report is bad news for Apple and Samsung competitors as the projections are that Samsung and Apple combined will increase their share of the smartphone market to 49.7% by the end of 2012 and reach an impressive 52.3% by 2013.

According to analyst Michael Walkley , Samsung will grab 31.3%of the market by 2013 with over 304.4 million smartphone shipments. Apple is forecast to grab 21% in 2013 and ship over 204.1 million smartphones.

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The question arises of what will happen to Apple and Samsung’s competitors? Walkley does not predict good things happening for the likes of Nokia which he believes will drop in unit sales from 431.8 million in 2009 to 332 million by the end of 2013.Bad news as well for Motorola with forecast of declines in smartphone shipments from 55.1 million to 27.3 million by the end of 2013.

As we have reported before, RIM has had a dismal year which seems set to continue with forecasts predicting a sharp drop from the current 52 million units sold last year to the expected half of that amount to 36.9 million units by the end of 2013.

Regarding which operating systems are set to dominate the smartphone, there was more good news for Apple and iOS who are set to capture over 85.8% of the market share by the end of 2013. Microsoft’s Windows Phone is forecast to take third place with 8.8% while RIM will continue in their downward spiral to only capture an estimated 2.8% of the market share.

Many technology analysts predict that mobile devices will soon be replacing the PC in popularity. For the modern online scratch card enthusiast there is nothing like the thrill of controlling your destiny with choosing when and where to scratch and win.

Unlike in the past playing scratch cards is no longer dependant on us being near a computer or tied down to the office. With a smartphones  and mobile casinos so readily available, our online playing opportunities have never been so exhilarating.