So many of us purchase scratch tickets in the hope that we can hit it big. For many the scratchie is the nearest we get to gambling and some do not even think about in that light. In fact the shopping habits of a lot of people all over the globe include the purchase of scratchies when checking out. While there are thousands of different colors and sizes available, wherever you go on the globe the basic idea is the same. We always enjoy sharing with our readers the latest stories of punters who hit the scratch jackpot.

The latest winner is a retired Irving postal worker from Texas who just became the latest instant millionaire from a lottery scratch ticket. The lucky winner James Clay like such a lot of other folk out there was struggling to even pay his bills. Being an avid scratchcard player he had previously purchased and won other jackpots that included a $1000 prize several times and even a $10,000 in 2011.

Clay’s latest purchase at a 7-Eleven store on Interstate 30 made him the ultimate jackpot winner. For just a $10 scratchie Clay won a mind blowing $1 million. The ticket was won in the Black Series IV-Limited Edition Game. As part of the Dallas lottery there are still additional $1 million winners waiting to be won in the series.

Clay stated, “I played and played and played. And my wife has been bugging me about that, not wanting me to do it,” he said. “All she says now is, ‘Don’t do it anymore.’ She didn’t turn down my check when I got it.” With his winnings Clay intends to assist his family, travel and pay off his bills.

Source : Texas Lottery Winners Gallery