As we have covered extensively in the past, the National Lottery offers a unique and highly popular £4 million scratch card which makes it a record breaker for prizes on offer. For a certain Hinckley worker his small investment of £10 just made him four million pounds richer.

The man who works for Active Tunneling decided like so many of us to pop into his local news store on his break at work and try his luck with a few scratchies. To his amazement he picked one of four winning £4 million pound scratch cards.

The new multi-millionaire tried to keep it hush hush but with a jackpot of this size it was impossible as rumors were already circulating where the dream scratch card was purchased. It did not take long for lottery official to arrive at the shop and confirm the win on the ticket.

Believe it or not even after realizing his win this dedicated worker put back his hard hat and vest and returned to work. It was even reported that the lucky winner was found by the press with a spade in hand and covered in dirt. The press shy winner did not want to be interviewed but will be continuing to work the roads as he always has done.

This unique scratchcard from the National Lottery has the highest jackpot anywhere and has become one of the most sought after scratchies offered by Camelot. Since its inception people have been completely captivated by the enchanting prize. It made the news with another winner not to long ago where a Welshman grabbed a hundred grand prize from this same ticket.

The 4 Million Blue is one of those games that has proven itself by changing the lives of lucky people around the country. We are looking forward to providing more heartwarming stories in the future in the scratch card winners from around the U.K.