There has never been a better time to join the mobile scratch cards world with smartphones at an all-time low due to fierce competition. The idea of everyone being able to own a smartphone was only a dream not too long ago. The notion that one would be able to walk around with a mobile casino in your pocket was even more ridiculous. Well currently it sees that both of these options are not only available but are becoming a reality.

Mobile gambling has taken off in the last year in particular with unprecedented growth of mobile apps for the likes of scratch cards,slots and poker. The major factor contributing to the mobile gambling boom is the ever affordable smartphone being made available throughout the global village.

An excellent example of how the competitive smartphone industry is benefitting mobile scratchies users is that of Nokia.  In a desperate effort to compete with Apple and Samsung who dominate the smartphone market, Nokia partnered up recently with Microsoft to launch their Lumia 900 smartphone.

Nokia is s going through difficult times as its share price continues to drop and there are reports of global job cuts on the way. Their Nokia Lumia received mixed reviews with some respectable numbers in the U.S. and in Europe. However they have encountered problems with the introduction of Windows Phone 8 operating system which cannot run on the Lumia 900.

In an effort to attract more smartphone buyers, they have taken the dramatic marketing strategy of cutting the Lumia’s price tag by half and will start selling it at $49.99 instead of $99.99.

While some industry experts see this as a risky move many believe it is a shrewd marketing strategy which will attract new customers to buy an affordable smartphone. This competitive price tag will mean that anyone looking to enter the mobile gambling arena could do so at the same price tag as a regular phone.

It is hard to see how slots and scratchies will not experience a huge popularity increase as both the hardware side of the smartphones and the mobile scratch card apps have never been so affordable and available to all pockets.