Europe is in the process of legalizing online gambling and scratch card fans from many countries are chomping at the bit to have the ability to scratch and win from within their own countries.

Spain is in the midst of legalizing online gambling and were supposed to have finished the licensing procedure by April 2012. However there are still over 59 license applications pending which has led to some expected delays and disappointment.

In light of the delays the chief regulatory officer Enrique Alejo has stated that due to staff changes and other problems it is unlikely that the licenses will be approved before June 2012.

This has led some industry leaders like 888 Holdings CEO Brian Mattingly to voice his concern and disappointment at the current situation. He recently travelled to Madrid to get a first had impression of the proceedings and was quoted as saying,” a little bit of confusion out there, so we are not sure when the market is going to open up.”

He did however compliment the Spanish authorities on their friendly attitude and willingness to solve the situation quickly.

It remains to be seen if the Spanish authorities will succeed in meeting the June date.

The online scratch cardscommunity looks forward to welcoming Spain and other countries to the global scratchies culture.