As we have reported 888 Holdings  has had a great year. There are now reports that they are in talks with Donald Trump himself in order to take advantage of the U.S. gambling market opening up.

The online scratch cards world is abuzz with all the developments in the U.S. gambling market. It seems now more than ever that scratch card and slots games players in the U.S. will soon join their fellow scratchies junkies in being able to scratch and win from their own country.

According to the report in the Times, Trump Entertainment resorts in which Trump himself has a 10% stake, is in talks with the London-listed gaming company. There are also rumors that they are in contact with other international operators with the aim of securing an online poker venture when regulation is formalized and legalized.

Scratchcards are a global phenomenon which is impossible to stop. Millions around the world are accustomed to buying a Scratchie along with their groceries. With the online scratch card revolution there is no need to venture any further then the tips of your fingers.

The reports also claim that one of the first states to legalize gambling will be New Jersey which is where Trump’s Atlantic City headquarters are based.

888 were among one of the UK gambling operators to withdraw from the U.S, in 2006 after legislation was passed that in effect made gambling illegal.

With mobile scratch card apps been released as standard, the chance to scratch and win life changing jackpots has never been so easy.

888’s new CEO Brian Mattingley was confirmed on Tuesday after acting as interim CEO. He is optimistic that Nevada will also be one of the first states to legalize gambling by year’s end.

With the new UK planned tax legislation on online gaming tax which is set to come into effect in the coming years, 888 see the US as a lucrative market which will be able to reduce the effects of these new taxes.

The ties between 888 Holdings and US Gaming giant Caesars Interactive entertainment is also set to give them a foothold in the new and developing gambling market.

Online scratch cards offer potential US operators a big advantage in that the scratch card format is not market heavy intensive as the scratchie format is simple and well known to the masses. There is also less political opposition for legalizing softer forms of gambling like scratch cards. The traditional problems associated with other heavier gambling options do not apply to scratchcards.

Analysts believe that 888 main potential US market will be in New Jersey and California as Nevada only as a population of 3 million. Mattingley also is optimistic regarding the legalization of gambling at a Federal level which would see their brand expanding exponentially and their business transformed.

With the US economy going through tough times, many states see legalization of online scratch cards,slots games and lottery as a preferred option to that of raising taxes. Also scratch card revenues are in much demand as they would power many social government projects that include health and education.

The option of each state independently deciding whether to legalize gambling or not could be a long process,” If the market is opened up on a slower state by state basis, he warned: “Realistically it’s going to be long, arduous and costly.”

Mattingly reiterated 888’s intention to reduce their dependency on the UK market by expanding the US, Italian and Spanish markets. Currently the UK represents a sizable 46% of 888’s revenues.

There are few contenders to the online scratch card industry who offer one of the most affordable and accessible gateways to the online gambling world.