The UK National Lottery operator Camelot has a variety of scratch games on offer and one of the more popular scratch cards is the £4 Million Blue. We have chosen to review this scratch off ticket  as it has been one of Camelot’s more successful games which has contributed to a rise in players over the last few years.

The £4 Million Blue scratch card has had  a lot of thought that has gone into developing and marketing this game with the result of being what many consider the ultimate £10 Scratch off Ticket.

It incorporates over  5 different games as well as over £120 million in total cash prizes. The major attraction to this scratch card lies in its name. There are no less than four top prizes of £4 million each which makes it one of the highest paying scratchcards I have come across. The numbers do not lie and the £4 Million Blue offers fantastic play value as the paying odds are 1 in 3.3 which makes it the overall best National Lottery Scratchcard prize as well as having the highest payout.

Besides this mind blowing jackpot of £4 million the actual scratchcard is physically the largest the National Lottery has to offer. You cannot miss this unique scratch card ticket because it has been printed on foil which makes it impossible to miss when you look for it at your nearest outlet.

Only a few weeks ago we brought you the story of the young Welshman Stuart Parsons who won £100,000 in one of the 4 Million Blue jackpots after he had a premonition of the winning numbers. Parsons is one of many that have won instant cash jackpots on scratchcards like £4 Million Blue. It‘s no surprise then that his scratch ticket has become one of the most popular available and demand is higher than ever.

For those looking to play from the comfort of your home without having to go out and buy a ticket, the world of online scratch cards is waiting for you. There is no reason to think twice before having a flutter as there are countless free scratch cards or those that start from as low as 10p.

Whatever your interests may be there are online scratch cards that are waiting for you whether you are a sports fanatic or a romantic. All you need to do is to take advantage of the many offers of free cash in welcome bonuses which are provided by most scratch sites with no deposit necessary!