The National Lottery has managed to create a new record in the number of instant millionaires made in a single night. In the much talked about Euromillions Raffle draw, over 76 new millionaires have already come forward to claim their prize. There are still a further 24 which are yet to come forward. The previous record was on December 23, 2011 where 25 millionaires were made in a single night.

A spokesperson for the National Lottery said, ” This draw was always going to be a record-breaker and it has now crossed the line and set a new mark for the National Lottery. It is amazing to have made 76 millionaires in one night but there are still 24 more millionaires to come forward and claim their prize.”

This unique feat was in celebration of the opening of the London 2012 Olympics. As with all lottery proceeds, much of it goes to worthy causes and this special night resulted in over £30 million raised for National Lottery Good Causes by players every week.

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